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Leviathan Vodka

Packaging, Brand Identity

Leviathan Vodka comes from the idea that drinking is a sin, but people still indulge in it. With the addition of the illustration, the labels and branding showcase elements of Gothic architecture. Each bottle of vodka is associated with a different demon to personify the different flavors Astraroth Apple, Belzebuth Berry, and Belial Banana.

A vodka brand designed for people who
enjoy indulging in the dark side of life.


Mission Statement

To give people the opportunity to indulge in the dark side of life with alcohol perfectly crafted just for them.

Design Principles

  • Made for people who don’t feel guilty for having a drink every once in a while

  • Combine Gothic architecture with visuals

  • Be clean and modern

Brand Building

The brand is built on Gothic architecture. The intertwining of the circles and details of the silhouettes reflect common visuals from the Gothic period which influenced the rest of the brand.

Brand Assets-01.png
Set of 3.png

The label showcases the demons picking the fruits for the vodka and serves as the main brand to consumer communication. The bottle features a decanter style that plays off the gothic visuals that appear throughout the brand.

Full Display.png
Point of Purchase Glow.jpg

The point-of-purchase display further enhances the brand and adds dimension while creating an interesting visual that will catch consumers’ attention in any store.

Brand Elements

The brand elements feature a black and white brand with pops of color for each flavor of vodka. A more historic-looking typeface brings a Gothic look to the brand and supports the brand visuals. The addition of the arches and black and white sketchy illustration style further emphasizes the Gothic themes and visuals.

Brand Assets Updated-02.png
Brand Assets Updated-03.png

Gothic. Interesting. Compelling.

The brand features a simple layout that allows for the
visual style to stand out amongst competitors, which
catches the interest of consumers. The labels remain
clean while also giving into the structure of gothic
architecture, which plays into the story of the brand.

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