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Hi there, I am Haley Calderaro, a Graphic Designer with experience in a various of areas including package design, typography, poster design, and collaboration with other creatives. I believe every new project is its own adventure and no stone goes unturned with my detail-oriented process, which gives me the energy to explore various solutions for my clients’ unique voice. I look forward to any and all future projects I work on.

My Values

Collaboration is key in a creative field. Projects can flounder from seeing them with only one perspective without feedback from peers or working with a team.
Exploration is a large part of the creative process. Every avenue creates endless possibilities and the ability to explore that is what leads to great execution and visuals for all projects.
Small Details
Small details can bring a hidden meaning or additional aspect to a project. They can also create interesting compositions and further the visuals for any given project.

Here to help clients better tell their story through the smallest details in their branding. I look forward to working with you.

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