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Dom Pérignon x Taylor Swift

Brand Identity, Packaging, Copywriting, Brand Film, Booklet

The collaboration between Dom Pérignon and Taylor Swift combines creativity and luxury in a way that has never been seen before. Together, Dom Pérignon and Taylor Swift acknowledge love, heartbreak, and all of life’s turmoil that can be deemed as a champagne problem.

A collaboration made to build a community around the idea of life not going perfectly or according to plan.

Key Research Takeaways

  • Dom Pérignon is a “vintage only” wine brand that strives to make only the best wine. The brand is in a perpetual quest for harmony as a source of emotion. The creative legacy is essential to Dom Pérignon, so finding a collaboration that aligns with these values is crucial.

  • In Dom Pérignon’s past collaborations, luxury is essential, and the visuals always look like the perfect mesh between artists and the brand.

  • There is a slew of celebrity-made alcohol, and collaborations, but none focus on building a community to further the brand or their message.

Dom Pérignon x Taylor Swift


Referencing one of Taylor Swift’s hit songs, “champagne problems” from the album evermore, Dom Pérignon will communicate the idea of unity through struggle and build a community where people can connect on all of life’s champagne problems.

Mission Statement

A collaboration designed for people who are experiencing all life has to offer and realizing that sometimes it doesn’t always go according to plan.

Design Principles

  • Combine the heritage of Dom Pérignon and the simplicity of modern design

  • Remain true to Dom Pérignon’s brand

  • Showcase luxury in a new way that showcases the collaborators visually

Brand Building

The brand is built with the use of Dom Pérignon ligatures, and Taylor Swift’s most recent brand style, hairline serifs. The single ligature present in “Taylor Swift” reflects the curvature of the Dom Pérignon shield while also mirroring the shape of the font. The presence of the gold outline adds a layer of luxury and completes the design composition in a simple, yet effective way.

Brand Assets - Dom Perignon x Taylor Swift Edit-01.png

The outer packaging is relatively simple with a magnetic clasping lid that showcases the main logo. Inside, the bottle sits in a satin covered foam casing with the booklet placed on top.

The label showcases the main collaboration logo and serves as one of the main brand to consumer communications. The bottle features the signature Dom Pérignon shape and utilizes black glass to bring the gold accents forward.

The booklet features a Prelude for the consumer to fully understand the collaboration and encourage additional engagement. Throughout the rest of the booklet, Taylor Swift’s “champagne problems” is written out in the style of a poem with typographic structures that tell the same story in a shortened format.

The brand film utilizes snippets of “champagne problems” and footage from the “cardigan” music video to tease the release of this collaboration. The use of the hairline serif and black and gold color palette unifies the brand while also embodying the song and luxury that Dom Pérignon stand for.

Brand Elements

The brand elements feature a black and gold color palette paired with a hairline serif. The addition of the gold outline on the label and booklet help further the design composition in a way that is simple, yet luxurious, furthering the brand and its values.

Brand Assets - Dom Perignon x Taylor Swift Edit-03.png
Brand Assets - Dom Perignon x Taylor Swift Edit-02.png

Luxury. Community. Collaboration.

The brand features a simple layout with a high contrast color palette that allows for the visual style to stand out amongst competitors. The designs remain luxurious while also visually connecting Dom Pérignon and Taylor Swift in a way that stays true to the brand.

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